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Bathroom Mirrors

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Bespangle rounded mirror for bathroom or washroom


Rs. 6,800.00From Rs. 6,256.00
Introducing Bespangle – the perfect way to customize your bathroom and washroom mirror. Its premium quality construction allows you to choose from a range of sizes, plus customizable lighting options...
Applique - round shape mirror for washroom


Rs. 6,800.00From Rs. 6,256.00
Introducing Applique – the top of the line lighting solution for your home décor needs. Our product is made with a premium quality finish, that comes along with a 5...

    Along with sensors we have developed several add-ons like defoggers, digital clock, usb charging etc to make the most out of your space

    Armed with expertise in LED mirrors we customize these gems like a breeze. From varying shapes, sizes to technologies we encompass everything.

    We work on intricate details which unravels new possibilities. Each mirror goes through several steps of quality checks to ensure high standards.

Explore the Various Types of Bathroom Mirrors Designs Available at Glazonoid

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom with a beautiful mirror? Look no further than Glazonoid! Our selection of bathroom mirrors includes a variety of designs to suit any style.

Here is a list of some of the designs we offer:

Add a Classic Touch to Your Bathroom with a Rectangle Bathroom Mirror from Glazonoid


A rectangle bathroom mirror is a versatile and timeless addition to any bathroom. Our selection of rectangle mirrors comes in several sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your space. Our mirrors come with pre-installation hooks that allow you to easily hang the mirror on the wall. Hanging a rectangle mirror will add a classic touch to your bathroom while providing a helpful reflection. Add a timeless style to your bathroom with a rectangle mirror from Glazonoid.

Make a Bold Statement with a Round Washroom Mirror from Glazonoid

A round washroom mirror can add a touch of elegance and modern flair to your bathroom. These mirrors are designed to grab the attention of anyone who enters the room. At Glazonoid, we understand the importance of quality, so our round washroom mirrors are constructed from premium materials resistant to corrosion in humid conditions. Round washroom mirror guarantees a long-lasting mirror that will retain its shine and clarity for many years. Make a bold statement in your bathroom with a round washroom mirror from Glazonoid.

Maximize Your Bathroom Space with a Bathroom Mirror with a Shelf from Glazonoid

If you're looking for a bathroom mirror that provides more than just a reflection, a mirror with a shelf from Glazonoid is a perfect choice. These mirrors are ideal for bathrooms with limited space as they offer a convenient storage solution. The built-in shelves provide a place to keep essential items such as soaps, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Available in various sizes and finishes, our bathroom mirrors with frames are designed to fit any bathroom decor. Maximize your bathroom space and add a functional touch to your decor with a bathroom mirror with a shelf from Glazonoid.

Bathroom Wall Mirrors: Upgrade Your Space with Stylish and Functional Mirrors from Glazonoid

Are you looking to give your bathroom a fresh new look? At Glazonoid, we offer a wide selection of bathroom wall mirrors that are both functional and decorative. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern style, we have the perfect mirror for you.

Change your old, outdated mirror for one of our stylish options and instantly transform your bathroom. From round to rectangular, oblong to oval, and framed to frameless, we have a variety of designs to match your interior and personal style. As a customer-first company, we also offer custom designs to fit your needs. Invest in a high-quality bathroom mirror from Glazonoid, and enjoy the benefits for years.

Modern Bathroom Mirrors: Add Style, Functionality, and Light to Your Space with Glazonoid

Are you looking to update your bathroom with modern, stylish mirrors? Glazonoid offers a wide selection of modern bathroom mirrors that serve multiple functions, from checking your appearance to doing makeup, shaving, and more. Not only are they functional, but they also have the added benefit of creating an illusion of a larger space. Our modern bathroom mirrors can make your bathroom appear to double its actual size and add depth to the area, making it appear more open and positive. They are indeed a work of art, whether you choose a minimalist or decorative frame. They also add light to your bathroom, making it appear brighter and more inviting. Our mirror is especially effective if your bathroom has no windows—experiment with placing the mirrors on opposite walls of the lights for optimal reflection. Browse our collection and find the perfect modern bathroom mirror at Glazonoid.

Round Bathroom Mirrors: Create a Positive and Enlarged Atmosphere in Your Bathroom with Glazonoid


 Round bathroom mirrors are the perfect way to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. At Glazonoid, we offer a wide selection of round mirrors that are functional and decorative. Our mirrors come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles, with or without frames, to suit any bathroom decor. They're perfect for any bathroom and can also serve as a decorative accent piece in any room of your home or office. Placing a round bathroom mirror is a great way to ensure you have the best reflection of yourself. The clarity of the image provided by these mirrors is exceptional, centering your face in the mirror with a broad view angle for a beautiful experience. With Glazonoid's round bathroom mirrors, you can see your reflection from multiple angles and elevate the look of your bathroom.

Washroom MIirrors: Upgrade Your Bathroom with Sleek and Classy Mirrors from Glazonoid 

If you're looking for a modern, minimalistic washroom mirror that stands out, look no further than Glazonoid. Our mirrors feature a clean design that blends seamlessly into any bathroom environment. They are designed to survive humid conditions without rusting, making them a durable and long-lasting addition to your bathroom. At Glazonoid, our washroom mirrors come in various shapes and sizes and can be hung vertically or horizontally to suit your preference. They offer more coverage than traditional mirrors and are available at excellent prices and deals. Furthermore, they capture the natural light in your bathroom, making it appear more spacious and significant than in reality. Upgrade your bathroom with a high-quality washroom mirror from Glazonoid.