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Vanity Mirrors

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rectangle full length bedroom mirror

Orbicular Big Mirrors For Room

Rs. 5,440.00From Rs. 5,168.00
Enhance the style, fashion and ambience of your room with Orbicular Big Mirrors! These incredible mirrors offer excellence in quality, design, and craftsmanship. From multiple types of light temperature settings...
rectangular premium mirror in bedroom

Rectangle Hollywood Mirror With Bulbs | 5-Year Warranty | 3W Bulbs | Borderless Design | Glazonoid

Rs. 8,500.00From Rs. 8,075.00
Rectangle from Glazonoid are the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to their home or office. These premium quality rectangular mirrors come in...
long full length mirror with light bulbs

Capsule Shaped Hollywood Mirror with Bulbs | 5-Year Warranty, Premium Quality, Borderless Design

Rs. 10,200.00From Rs. 9,690.00
Experience ultimate convenience, combined with superior style, with the Full Length Wall Mirror. This stunning mirror is the perfect addition to any space, with three types of LED light to...
round standing mirror with white led bulbs

Truncated Bedroom Mirror

Rs. 10,625.00From Rs. 10,093.75
Welcome to the world of the Truncated Bedroom Mirror – the ultimate addition to any stylish and modern bedroom. Our mirror is designed with convenience and luxury in mind, offering...
Round Hollywood Mirror With Bulbs | 5-Year Warranty | 3W Bulbs | Borderless Design | Glazonoid - Glazonoid

Round Hollywood Mirror With Bulbs | 5-Year Warranty | 3W Bulbs | Borderless Design | Glazonoid

Rs. 10,625.00From Rs. 10,093.75
Introducing Circle - the premium bathroom and washroom mirror that is sure to revolutionize your lifestyle. Whether you are looking to upgrade or completely renovate your spaces, you'll want to...
circular hollywood mirror for home decor


Rs. 10,625.00From Rs. 10,093.75
Welcome to Flare, the ultimate lighting experience! The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys luxury and modern design. Flare offers two different sizes to choose from — whatever fits your...
Full Length Bedroom Mirror with Bulbs | 5-Year Warranty, Premium Quality, Customizable LED Lighting | 3W Bright Blubs | Glazonoid - Glazonoid

Full Length Bedroom Mirror with Bulbs | 5-Year Warranty, Premium Quality, Customizable LED Lighting | 3W Bright Blubs | Glazonoid

Rs. 10,200.00From Rs. 9,690.00
Are you looking for the perfect addition to your bedroom? Look no further than our new Full Length Bedroom Mirror! This spectacular mirror is not just stylish and modern, but...
Round Shaving Mirror | 3X-5X Magnification | Chrome Finish - Glazonoid

Round Shaving Mirror | 3X-5X Magnification | Chrome Finish

Rs. 3,500.00Rs. 3,325.00
Conquer every whisker with the, the chrome dual-magnification champion. 3x zoom tackles daily stubble, while 5x magnification unleashes detail mastery for flawless edges. Shatterproof glass, adjustable arm, and sleek design...

    Along with sensors we have developed several add-ons like defoggers, digital clock, usb charging etc to make the most out of your space

    Armed with expertise in LED mirrors we customize these gems like a breeze. From varying shapes, sizes to technologies we encompass everything.

    We work on intricate details which unravels new possibilities. Each mirror goes through several steps of quality checks to ensure high standards.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Vanity Mirror With Lights?


In today’s generation, everyone always wants to look good, and as a matter of fact vanity mirror with lights is a very important product to fulfill their needs. You may not always be present around natural light to do your makeup. Therefore, you need a vanity mirror. They give you a better view and perfect lights so that you can do your makeup perfectly. They are light in weight and super easy to use. Due to their lightweight, you can carry them anywhere. Mirrors at Glazonoid are made from the best quality material. Mirrors with bulbs have a polished finish and can be placed on any surface easily. They help you to apply your makeup perfectly even in places that have very dim light or no light at all. You can adjust the brightness of these mirrors the way you want.

Glazonoid helps you to stay up to date with the latest fashions in the world of mirrors. If you are someone who loves to do makeup then a mirror with bulbs is a blessing for you. They make you achieve a great look with amazing make-up. Light bulb mirrors are best while doing make-up like applying lipstick, making a perfect eyeliner, wearing contact lenses, shaving facial hair, etc. So with these mirrors you can easily know the areas of your face that need more attention. They are controlled by a USB, so you don’t have to worry about the wires that will be visible.

With the help of a vanity mirror with lights, you can apply your makeup evenly and can easily blend your foundation. Some of these Mirrors have adjustable stands and storage containers because of which you can place the mirror according to your need and can store your important items safely in one place. Shop now for the latest design on a budget.


Purchase A Light Bulb Mirror From Glazonoid


If you want the best lighting you have come to the right place. Glazonoid provides a high variety of light bulb mirrors in many shapes, sizes, designs, finishes and prices. Bulb mirror is one of our most popular products among the customers. They are quickly becoming an important part of people’s everyday lives. Their lights are fantastic and bright even in rooms that do not have any natural light. Once the customers start using mirrors with bulbs they can’t go back to their ordinary bulbs. A light bulb mirror improves your experience of getting ready or doing make-up. Shop now.


Buy The Best Mirror With Bulbs At Glazonoid


One of the best things about a mirror with bulbs is that they are very energy-saving. They last longer than your ordinary bulbs, so you will never have to change the LED lights. They will save your money on electricity bills while doing your part for the environment. Light bulb mirrors have some advanced features like Bluetooth through which you can listen to your favourite music. This feature is very famous among customers. Mirrors with bulbs have an effect on the entire room. They make the rooms appear larger & brighter. A mirror with bulbs will become the point of attraction in your home.


Get Ready With Light Up Dressing Table Mirror


Glazonoid has a huge variety of light-up dressing table mirrors. They have inbuilt lighting & touch sensors through which you can turn on or off the mirror with just a single touch of your fingerprint. They help you see every feature of your face. It is an amazing product to do your hairstyles or take mirror selfies. They give proper brightness during the day & at night. They also have storage facilities. In short, each bulb mirror is made with a lot of perfection & high-quality materials. Lastly, the mirror of the glass is very smooth & has HD quality. It is very strong & long-lasting.