Metal Mirrors

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long standing mirror with led lights

Vertical Mirror With PVD Stainless Steel Frame | Bright LED Lights | Corrosion Free | Waterproof | Premium Quality | Glazonoid

Rs. 16,260.00From Rs. 14,634.00
Welcome to the world of Arcadian, where you can find the perfect long mirror with lights for your home. Our unique range of premium quality mirrors come in four different...
Idyllic - rectangular standing mirror for bedroom


Rs. 18,660.00From Rs. 17,167.20
Introducing Idyllic, the premium quality product with a 5-year warranty that will make your home look beautiful - no matter the size or lighting choice you make. With four different...

Dual Ring Mirror With PVD Stainless Steel Frame | Corrosion Free | Waterproof | Premium Quality | Glazonoid

Rs. 20,900.00From Rs. 18,810.00
Introducing the Big Wall Mirrors With Fancy Frame – the perfect way to add an extra special touch to any living space. These mirrors are available in four different sizes,...
round wall mirror in bathroom

Classic Round Big Wall Mirrors

Rs. 8,750.00From Rs. 8,050.00
Welcome to the world of Classic Round Big Wall Mirrors. Whether you’re looking for an elegant accessory that will bring a touch of sophistication to any space, or just want...
hanging mirror for wall above washbasin with lights

Round Mirror With Rope

Rs. 14,550.00From Rs. 13,386.00
If you're in the market for a top-of-the-line wall mirror, the Round Mirror With Rope from Glazonoid should definitely be on your radar. This exceptional mirror is not only visually...
round wall mirror with lights above washbasin

Bezel-Less Round | High intensity LED Mirror | 5-Year Warranty, Premium Quality, Customizable LED Lighting

Rs. 8,800.00From Rs. 7,920.00
Introducing the Modern Round Fancy Mirror! Have you ever been in search of something to take your bathroom décor up a notch? Well, look no further! This luxurious mirror is...
Standing rectangular wall mirror in living room

Wall Mirror Design For Living Room

Rs. 13,550.00From Rs. 12,466.00
Welcome to a world of luxury and style! Introducing Wall Mirror Design For Living Room – the perfect way to upgrade your living space from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you’re...
standing steel frame wall mirror for living room


Rs. 23,712.00From Rs. 21,815.04
Are you looking for a stylish alternative to the traditional wall mirror? Look no further than our Polished Steel Frame Mirror! Our ultra-chic classically designed mirror is the perfect addition...
Decorative oval shape Metal Wall Mirror for bathroom

Decorative Metal Wall Mirror

Rs. 13,550.00From Rs. 12,466.00
Add a touch of sophistication and style to your space with our brand new Decorative Metal Wall Mirror. This statement piece is perfect for any room in your home, office,...
Polished Metal Frame rounded Mirror for washroom

Polished Metal Frame Mirror

Rs. 17,750.00Rs. 16,330.00
Welcome to the most exciting way to experience your Mirror dreams come true! Our Polished Metal Frame Mirror will transform any space, giving it an elegance and sophistication no other...
Metal frame wall Mirror for bedroom

Polished Metal Wall Mirror

Rs. 16,260.00From Rs. 14,959.20
Introducing the Polished Metal Wall Mirror: one of the most innovative mirrors on the market. With a variety of sizes, finishes, colors, lighting options and sensors, it's perfect for any...
decorative wall mirror on wall above wash basin with metal frame

Decorative Wall Mirror with Metal Frame

Rs. 20,900.00From Rs. 19,228.00
Introducing the  Decorative Wall Mirror with Metal Frame— an eye-catching piece of décor that's perfect for giving any room in your home a facelift! This mirror is available in two...
round wall mirror with metal frame for bedroom

Modern Round Wall Mirror

Rs. 13,550.00From Rs. 12,466.00
Introducing the luxurious and modern round wall mirror from our latest collection. Available in two sizes, this sleek and stylish design provides an ideal wall-mounted centerpiece for any interior space....
Charisma rectangular wall mirror for bedroom

Charisma Wall Mirror For Bedroom

Rs. 13,550.00From Rs. 12,466.00
Are you looking for the perfect mirror to add flair and elegance to your bedroom? Look no further than the Charisma Wall Mirror for Bedroom! Our custom-made products will ensure...
Decorative Metal Frame rectangular Mirror for living room

Decorative Metal Frame Mirror

Rs. 13,550.00From Rs. 12,466.00
Enhance the sophistication and elegance of your home with our Decorative Metal Frame Mirror. This luxurious accessory is not only a statement piece for any room, but also a premium...
rectangular LED mirror for living room


Rs. 13,550.00From Rs. 12,466.00
Introducing Baroque, the most advanced and stylish wall mirror ever. Combining an elegantly designed frame with premium materials and cutting-edge technology, Baroque is the perfect addition to any modern home....

    Along with sensors we have developed several add-ons like defoggers, digital clock, usb charging etc to make the most out of your space

    Armed with expertise in LED mirrors we customize these gems like a breeze. From varying shapes, sizes to technologies we encompass everything.

    We work on intricate details which unravels new possibilities. Each mirror goes through several steps of quality checks to ensure high standards.

A Sassy Metal Mirror Range

You might be wondering where you can find a metal mirror in general. Metal mirrors come in a wide range of styles, shapes, & materials at Glazonoid. Silver metal mirrors, copper metal mirrors, & many other shades are available here. These wall mirrors come in two finishes- gloss and matte.




Metal mirror frames are constructed of bronze, gold, or silver-colored metals & provide a luxurious & shiny surface to the mirror. Metal frame mirrors are the next luxurious treatments that can give to a wall. A steel frame mirror enhances the appearance of any room. At Glazonoid, you can get a broad assortment of decorative metal mirrors online at the best prices in India in various styles, shapes, and colors.




Because metal mirrors are tough & low-maintenance, they've been built to last long. To meet and exceed customers' expectations, we use high-quality metal & the best coating materials to make all our products according to the industry's best practices. This elite metal mirror range is made of SS-304, and it comes in five colors and two finishes: Matte & Gloss. Our metal mirrors are classy yet a cost-effective way to bliss, apart from their outstanding strength.




While hand-crafted art metal mirrors exist in various styles, you want one that will complement and enhance the attractiveness of your home. Well, there's also the matter of size concerning the target area. It is less likely that the item will need to be returned for replacement if the size is correct the first time. Also, consider what color you want your metal framed wall mirror to be, or show the craftsman a snapshot of your room and discuss what looks best!