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Standing Mirrors

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Standing Mirror for Kids Room

Bullet Standing Mirror with SS Frame | Corrosion Free | Premium Quality | Glazonoid

Rs. 27,125.00From Rs. 25,768.75
Are you looking for the perfect mirror to add that extra spark of sophistication to your kids’ bedroom? Look no further than our Contemporary Kids Room Mirror! This premium product...
standing mirror for home decor

Body Length Standing Mirror | Stainless Steel | Premium Quality | Sturdy Stand | Glazonoid

Rs. 27,125.00From Rs. 25,768.75
Introducing the In Vogue Long Mirror - one of a kind product that is bound to bring uniqueness to your space! Not only does this standing, contemporary mirror come in...
Big mirrors for room - Glazonoid

Capsule Standing Mirror with SS Frame | Corrosion Free | Premium Quality | Glazonoid

Rs. 27,125.00From Rs. 25,768.75
Welcome to the world of premium quality big mirrors for room! Let our extraordinary sales team show you the way to having perfect visuals in your space. Our range of...
A full-length mirror with a gold frame leaning against a wall in a hallway. Next to the mirror is a white wardrobe with two doors.

PVD Stainless Steel Mirror | Customisable | Corrosion Free | Glazonoid

Rs. 16,260.00From Rs. 15,447.00
Welcome to the world of Arcadian, where you can find the perfect long mirror with lights for your home. Our unique range of premium quality mirrors come in four different...
big floor mirror with led lights

Full length standing mirror

Rs. 10,200.00From Rs. 9,690.00
Introducing the revolutionary Full Length Standing Mirror from our brand. This sensational mirror is sure to become an instant centerpiece of your home decor. The Full Length Standing Mirror provides...

    Along with sensors we have developed several add-ons like defoggers, digital clock, usb charging etc to make the most out of your space

    Armed with expertise in LED mirrors we customize these gems like a breeze. From varying shapes, sizes to technologies we encompass everything.

    We work on intricate details which unravels new possibilities. Each mirror goes through several steps of quality checks to ensure high standards.



In the first place, Glazonoid offers you a huge range of bedroom mirror from which you can easily choose a full length mirror that matches your interior decor. Therefore, you can place them near the entryway, hallway, bedroom, or anywhere in the house. They will match your vibe.

A standing mirror makes your space feel high-end. You can easily coordinate the standing mirror with any theme. Furthermore, they offer smart functions. A full length mirror can be easily leaned against a wall or placed straight through a stand. They soften the look of the walls. Some also come with pre-installed hooks at the back for their easy and safe installation on the walls. A long mirror has a very subtle and elegant look. 

Check out our latest collection of standing mirror. They will effortlessly style your home with beautiful looks and quality. The standing mirror will give an HD-quality reflection and does not create any harsh shadows, making you step out of the home with confidence. 

A good quality mirror is a very crucial part of any interior. A standing mirror is perfect for a fit check from head to toe and your 'outfit of the day selfies for the gram. It does not have cheap quality glass, giving you color differences and blurry images. Once you install a standing mirror in your space, you can't return to those old simple mirrors.




A long mirror instantly adds glamour to any room. It comes with hooks for easy installation. Additionally, Glazonoid has a wide range of shapes and designs available. A standing mirror is a perfect fit for every space. The large mirror is built with a sturdy frame available in various finishes. 

A standing mirror allows you to change the setting of your room without replacing the mirror and installing it again. These mirrors have a great and impressive length which makes them stand out. They are elegantly made for our customers, keeping their needs and preferences our priority. 

The mirrors made at Glazonoid are environment-friendly and are suitable for all budgets. They blend with the traditional as well as with the modern interior. 




A bedroom standing mirror is one of those most useful mirrors that does a lot of tasks at once. It makes your bedroom area more enhanced and decorative. Full-length bedroom mirror designs made at Glazonoid are fantastic. They perfectly can do all the things you require in your everyday life. 

Your bedroom is the best place for a bedroom-standing mirror. It will be very convenient for you to check your outfits and looks. A bedroom mirror will make your room appear larger than before and reflect more light. So, it is time to replace your old regular mirror with a full-length bedroom mirror. They give an HD reflection with no image distortion and true colors. 




A full-size mirror allows you to see your outfit better. They are available in various sizes with different frames and styles. They allow you to see a complete image of yourself and your outfit or add a glamorous touch to your place. A full-size mirror is an all-in-one solution for your problems. 

A full-size mirror is a little taller mirror than it is wide. Lastly, they allow you to see their full height and look from head to toe. They work more extraordinarily than any other mirror. However, because of their size, they reflect a larger amount of light and brighten up any space with natural light. They don't give any artificial reflections. 




A full mirror helps you to see a full image of yourself and your outfit from head to toe. They make your room look larger and full of light. Full-length bedroom mirrors at Glazonoid are available in various sizes with many frames with different finishes. 

They make you see a more defined reflection of yourself and your outfit. They give your bedroom a special touch of glamour and solve your boring walls. 

This mirror is taller and wider, allowing you to see a larger view and your full height. They are more than just ordinary mirrors. However, because of their size, they reflect a large amount of light and make your space bright. 




Glazonoid has endless options available when it comes to full length standing mirror. They are available in several different shapes, sizes, frame styles, and prices where you can choose. However, most people like their full length standing mirror vertically, which is the longest side to the floor, but you can also use them horizontally for a different look.

Full length mirror in India looks perfect and elegant. Above all, they feature both pointed and curved corners, giving an antique or modern look. Full length standing mirrors have excellent finishing and are perfectly placed in your dressing room, bedroom, or living room.

Check out our latest collection with the best prices and deals. We ensure the safe and fast delivery of all our products.




Give your room a touch of elegance with the help of big mirrors. These full mirrors are the best product to instantly re-energize your room. However, they are large, but at the same time, you can leave the space in your room for them. A large mirror at Glazonoid is made with shatterproof mirror materials, which are sturdy and reliable.

It has a sophisticated and minimalistic look to it. They will give your room a sleek and versatile look and make your interior stand out by raising its standards. Lastly, it gives a new life to your decor. 




 A full length mirror will give an aesthetic look with its beautifully crafted borders. They are sleek and have a minimalistic look that always looks classy. 

A full length mirror made at Glazonoid is worth your time and every penny spent. You will be okay with buying this product as it will prove its worth in the long run. You can also stand very near to the full length mirror as the larger the mirror will be, the closer you can stand to the mirror for an authentic look, and the smaller the mirror will be, the farther you will have to stand to give space between the mirror and your body.




A long mirror is an excellent addition to any room as it allows you to check your appearance and enhances the space's overall aesthetic. It can create the illusion of a larger room and add depth to smaller areas. A well-placed long mirror can also elevate the mood and style of the room.

A long mirror is not just a mirror. It also serves the purpose of a decorative item and elevates your space. 

At Glazonoid, they are available from vintage designs to the latest designs with modern features and storage units. 




Our bedroom mirror is available with storage shelves and spacious racks to keep belongings safe. They are available in various eye-catching shapes, with frame or frameless. Choose according to your style and personality. 

A bedroom mirror with a frame will give a more basic and minimal look, whereas a frameless bedroom mirror will give a sleek look. Pick a bedroom mirror that will perfectly match your bedroom interior. 

With this bedroom mirror, you are always ready to take the most flattering selfies from every angle. This mirror is less than a piece of art and will uplift the environment with its amazing textures. 




A floor mirror is a perfect choice for any room. It looks subtle, gives a clean finish by adding style to your place, and will never look outdated. The floor mirror is easily portable, which means it is easy to carry from one place to another without the fear of its breakage. It is light in weight and its durability is guaranteed.

Recently, a floor mirror has been many people's most trending and popular choice. The best item to fill your space and make it look more attractive. They are made up of shatterproof glass. 

We have made our floor mirror with very neutral designs to suit all decors. They are budget-friendly and not harmful to the environment. 




Our full size mirror gives a very simple and modern look. It is made of sturdy material with a sleek finish and various color options. This mirror is explosion-proof; even if it breaks, its prices will not fall apart and will stay cracked in the same place it broke. 

The full size mirror is both decorative and functional. You can either make this stand against the wall or hang it on it. It is rust-resistant and will survive in the most humid or wet environments. 

Full size mirror is a fantastic option for tall people as it will give them enough room to check themselves and their outfits from head to toe before stepping outside the home. 




The bedroom standing mirror is a stylish and functional addition to any modern bedroom. Its sleek design adds a touch of elegance while its convenience allows for easy use. Its natural charm and warmth create a cozy atmosphere, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a unique and unconventional look in their bedroom.

They are beautifully crafted with a natural finish that does not look artificial and fake. Its beauty is truly appreciated. Being an extremely versatile mirror, it has been a trustworthy item for many customers for years. 

It is also suitable for people living in small apartments and is safer than other bedroom standing mirror options available in the market. 




A long standing mirror is a very glamorous piece. It has all its controls on the mirror and can be activated with a single touch of your fingerprint. You can also easily adjust the LED lights the way you want. It comes with various colors and brightness options. The range varies from bright white to warm yellow. 

Its lights do not irritate the eyes and are very comforting during the day and night. 

With the help of this mirror, you can do your makeup perfectly and closely look at your facial features.