round wall mirror with metal frame for bedroom

Modern Round Wall Mirror

From Rs. 13,550.00

size: 24"x24"


lights: Natural White

Natural White
Warm white

color: Black

Rose Gold
Rs. 13,550.00


Introducing the luxurious and modern round wall mirror from our latest collection. Available in two sizes, this sleek and stylish design provides an ideal wall-mounted centerpiece for any interior space. Its unique customization options ensure that this modern round wall mirror can provide the perfect finish for you. With various color finishes, types of lighting and sensors, there is something to please everyone!

The metal frame is crafted with stainless steel, providing a premium quality product that is built to last through five years of use or more. The available colors – black, gold and rose gold – make sure you can seamlessly fit this mirror into your existing décor. Additionally, the three different types of lighting – white, warm white and natural white – provide abundant choice when it comes to brightening up your room or setting a cozy atmosphere.

Finally, on top of all these features we also offer two different sensors: touch capability or a plug-n-play option, whichever you prefer! Don’t miss out on this modern round wall mirror; your interior décor will thank you for it!

Additional Information

24"x24", 30"x30"


Natural White, Warm white, White


Black, Gold, Rose Gold