big floor mirror with led lights

Full length standing mirror

From Rs. 10,200.00

Size: 24*36


lights: White

Warm white
Warm White+ Natural White+ White

sensor: Plug-n-play

Rs. 10,200.00

Categories: Standing Mirrors

Introducing the revolutionary Full Length Standing Mirror from our brand. This sensational mirror is sure to become an instant centerpiece of your home decor.

The Full Length Standing Mirror provides you with a large display so that you can give yourself a top-to-bottom view as you get ready for any special occasion. It measures in at an impressive length, making it the perfect piece of furniture for any room.

This product also provides three different types of LED lighting - White, Warm White plus Natural White plus White, and Warm White - so that you can customize the perfect brightness levels when examining your appearance. With these multiple settings, achieving good visibility when checking out your outfit won't be a problem at all!

For added convenience, our Full Length Standing Mirror utilizes many kinds of sensors like “plug-n-play” and touch for easy setup and use. And for added peace of mind, we offer a 5 year warranty on this gorgeous product - so what are you waiting for?

Choose from different designs or sizes to match your needs and style; each comes with its very own badge LED glass mirror. Make sure to get yours today while stocks last!

Additional Information

24*36, 24"*48", 30*42, 30*48, 36*60


White, Warm white, Warm White+ Natural White+ White


Plug-n-play, Touch