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Wall Mirrors

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hanging mirror for wall above washbasin with lights

Round Rope Mirror | Stainless Steel Framed Mirror | Rust Free | Glazonoid

Rs. 14,550.00From Rs. 13,822.50
If you're in the market for a top-of-the-line wall mirror, the Round Mirror With Rope from Glazonoid should definitely be on your radar. This exceptional mirror is not only visually...
A close-up of a modern bathroom vanity set showcasing a mirror with a golden frame and is hanging on the roof through golden pipes. The mirror is mounted above a sleek, black countertop with a polished chrome faucet. 2 lights are also hanging from the roof with golden pipes and LED lights.

Hanging Mirror With PVD Stainless Steel Frame | Corrosion Free | Waterproof | Premium Quality | Glazonoid

Rs. 10,500.00From Rs. 9,975.00
Enhance the look of any room with the Hanging Mirror With Classy Look. At Hanging Mirror With Classy Look, we take pride in providing the highest quality products that are...
Upgrade your bathroom with this elegant LED mirror. The mirror has a very unique design of lights. The dispenser in the image features a clear refill window, a sensor for automatic operation, and a sleek design that complements a variety of bathroom styles.

Mystical Round Wall Mirror With Lights | 5-Year Warranty, Premium Quality, Customizable LED Lighting

Rs. 5,440.00From Rs. 5,168.00
Introducing the Round Wall Mirror With Lights, a premium quality product. Illuminate your space with customisable lighting that you can control in 4 sizes. Why settle for one type of...
round wall mirror in bathroom

Round Stainless Steel Framed Mirror | Corrosion Free | Premium Quality | Glazonoid

Rs. 8,750.00From Rs. 8,312.50
Welcome to the world of Classic Round Big Wall Mirrors. Whether you’re looking for an elegant accessory that will bring a touch of sophistication to any space, or just want...
Rectangle mirror on the wall with lights

Fancy Mirror For Wall With Lights

Rs. 16,937.00From Rs. 16,090.15
If you are looking for a premium product with polished accents and durable construction, you need to check out our Fancy Mirror For Wall With Lights! This amazing mirror will...
A close-up of a well-organized modern bathroom shelf featuring a white ceramic soap dispenser and two glass jars with chrome lids filled with cotton balls and cotton swabs, Along with a pebble shaped LED mirror with a nice and vibrant LED strip.

Pebble-Shaped Mirror With Lights | 5-Year Warranty, Premium Quality, Customizable LED Lighting

Rs. 6,800.00From Rs. 6,460.00
Introducing the Modern Fancy Mirror With Lights! Transform your bathroom into a luxury spa experience with this stunning and sophisticated product. Our 5 year warranty will guarantee you peace of...
devotional wall mounted mirror with lights

OM Decorative Wall Mirror

Rs. 11,460.00Rs. 10,887.00
Introducing the OM Decorative Wall Mirror: a uniquely designed mirror that will brighten your walls with utmost quality and style. Our OM Decorative Wall Mirror is the perfect addition to...
honeycomb Wall Mirror for Living Room

Wall Mirror For Living Room

Rs. 10,200.00From Rs. 9,690.00
Introducing the Wall Mirror For Living Room, the perfect addition to upgrade your living room and make it shine! With this premium quality mirror, you'll have a lasting impression that...
big wall mirror with led lights above washbasin

Modern Full Wall Mirrors With Lights

Rs. 6,800.00From Rs. 6,460.00
Enhance the style and function of any room with Modern Full Wall Mirrors with Lights. These luxurious wall mirrors are the perfect finishing touch to any home. They are available...
A sleek bathroom sink with a modern faucet and a Bezel less Round LED mirror with a bright light. This contemporary design is perfect for a modern bathroom. This look is both stylish and functional.

Bezel-Less Round | High intensity LED Mirror | 5-Year Warranty, Premium Quality, Customizable LED Lighting

Rs. 7,040.00From Rs. 6,688.00
Introducing the Modern Round Fancy Mirror! Have you ever been in search of something to take your bathroom décor up a notch? Well, look no further! This luxurious mirror is...
Devotional ganesh ji mirror with liights

Devotional Decorative Wall Mirror

Rs. 11,937.00Rs. 11,340.15
Add a touch of luxury and positivity to your space with the Devotional Decorative Wall Mirror. This exclusive, premium quality wall mirror is the perfect addition to any room, bringing...
Bathroom vanity set with a round mirror with a brushed metal frame and a white ceramic sink with a chrome faucet. Text overlay says 'Upgrade your bathroom with our all-in-one vanity set. The mirror completes the sleek and stylish design.' This modern vanity set is perfect for a quick bathroom refresh.

Round SS304 Metal Framed Mirror | Bright LED Lights | Corrosion Free | Glazonoid

Rs. 13,550.00From Rs. 12,872.50
Introducing the luxurious and modern round wall mirror from our latest collection. Available in two sizes, this sleek and stylish design provides an ideal wall-mounted centerpiece for any interior space....
Modern and elegant bathroom vanity with a round mirror featuring a stainless steel gold colored frame and a sleek white marble sink countertop. With a plant and some perfumes kept on the counter top.

Dual Ring Mirror With PVD Stainless Steel Frame | Corrosion Free | Waterproof | Premium Quality | Glazonoid

Rs. 20,900.00From Rs. 19,855.00
Introducing the Big Wall Mirrors With Fancy Frame – the perfect way to add an extra special touch to any living space. These mirrors are available in four different sizes,...
round decorative wall mirrors with led lights

Round Decorative Wall Mirrors

Rs. 5,440.00From Rs. 5,168.00
Introducing our Round Decorative Wall Mirrors – a truly remarkable product with high-quality features that are second to none. Not only will this luxury product be the focal point of...
A close up of a modern bathroom vanity with a rectangular sink and a large LED mirror above the sink with a brushed nickel faucet. The mirror contains a touch sensor to control the LED light.

Modern-Shaped LED Mirror | 5-Year Warranty, Premium Quality, Customizable LED Lighting | Glazonoid

Rs. 11,000.00From Rs. 10,450.00
Introducing Abstruse – the only home lighting solution you’ll ever need! This ultra-modern, premium quality product comes with a 5-year warranty and is available in two sizes, offering the perfect...
A bathroom mirror with a decorative border featuring a silhouette of famous landmarks in LED, including the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Statue of Liberty, and Great Wall of China. The mirror is mounted on a bathroom wall with a faucet and sink below.

7 Wonders Mirror With Bright Lights | 5-Year Warranty, Premium Quality, Customizable LED Lighting

Rs. 6,800.00From Rs. 6,460.00
Introducing 7 Wonder, the  new LED mirror from Glazonoid! This stunning mirror is available in five sizes to suit any space - 18"x24", 24"x24", 24"x30", 24"x36", and 30"x30". But the...

    Along with sensors we have developed several add-ons like defoggers, digital clock, usb charging etc to make the most out of your space

    Armed with expertise in LED mirrors we customize these gems like a breeze. From varying shapes, sizes to technologies we encompass everything.

    We work on intricate details which unravels new possibilities. Each mirror goes through several steps of quality checks to ensure high standards.

Enhance Your Home with the Latest Collection of Wall Mirrors from Glazonoid


Are you looking to upgrade your home with a stylish and high-quality wall mirror? Look no further than Glazonoid! Our collection of wall mirrors includes a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs, finishes, and prices to fit every budget. Each mirror is beautifully crafted with the best quality materials, including HD glass that provides a clear reflection with no harsh shadows. At Glazonoid, we offer style and quality at affordable prices, making it the perfect time to replace your regular mirror with one of our latest wall mirror designs.

Our wall mirrors not only provide a clear reflection but also enhance your interior decor by giving a sleek and minimalistic look. Each product meets the highest standards of quality, ensuring long-term durability. We are a customer-first company, and all our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. For example, our mirrors are environmentally-friendly, with LED lights that don't emit UV rays, and safe for pets and users' eyes. Some of our mirrors also feature built-in shelves, providing a practical solution for storing everyday items.

Our collection includes mirrors for bedrooms, living rooms, and full-length designs, perfect for any space in your home. Shop now at Glazonoid to browse our selection and find the perfect wall mirror to suit your preferences and budget. We value your choices and understand your home decor needs, elevate your reflection with one of our stylish and high-quality wall mirrors today.

Explore the Different Types of Wall Mirror Designs We Offer:


Wall Mirrors for Bedrooms


Elevate the look of your bedroom with our huge range of bedroom wall mirrors. We provides these mirrors in various designs, including wall-mounted and small mirrors, to help you achieve a flawless makeup look, even on your busiest mornings. In addition, our mirrors come with an eye-catching design that will become the highlight of your bedroom.


Living Room Mirrors


Transform your living room with our collection of living room mirrors. Our mirrors are excellent decorative pieces with soft natural lighting and additional features such as Bluetooth and USB ports. Our living room mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes to provide HD-quality reflection and enhance your home interior.

Full-Length Wall Mirrors


A full-length wall mirror is best for dressing or seeing your whole body. Our collection of long wall mirrors is perfect for creating any look, draping a saree or seeing which footwear goes best with your outfit. In addition, we offer different frame designs, from modern to traditional, thick to frameless, to cater to your personal taste and home interior.

Wall Dressing Mirror

Enhance your home decor with our unique & premium wall dressing mirrors from Glazonoid. With various sizes available, our wall dressing mirrors can be easily installed on any wall and make the perfect addition to any bedroom, dressing room, living room, vanity, entryway, or hallway. They can also be used as wash basin mirrors in bathrooms and washrooms, making them a practical part of your daily routine.


Mirror for Wall


Discover a wide range of stylish and high-quality mirror for wall options at Glazonoid. Our exclusive wall mirrors are crafted with the latest technology and made of the best quality materials, ensuring a clear and distortion-free reflection every time. Shop online for a wall mirror and enjoy fast and secure delivery right to your doorstep. With the latest designs available, our wall mirrors will give your home or office a fresh and new look.


Decorative Wall Mirrors


Enhance the look of your home with the perfect combination of function and style. Glazonoid offers a wide selection of decorative wall mirrors to suit any taste and budget. Our mirrors are made of high-quality materials and come in unique designs that blend seamlessly into any room. Please don't settle for less when it comes to home decor, So choose a decorative wall mirror from Glazonoid.


Bedroom Wall Mirror


Any bedroom decor is only completed with bedroom wall mirror. At Glazonoid, we offer a wide range of bedroom wall mirrors that suit any requirement and style. These mirrors are designed to give a crystal-clear reflection. Our mirrors also have Bluetooth connectivity, so you can listen to music while you get ready. So add a luxurious touch of style to your bedroom with a wall mirror from Glazonoid.


Wall Mirror for Bedroom


A wall mirror for the bedroom is a must-have for any household. At Glazonoid, we offer a wide range of wall mirrors for the bedroom that comes in different frame designs, from simple to traditional and thick to frameless. Our mirrors will provide a complete reflection and are perfect for getting ready or checking your outfit. So upgrade the look of your bedroom with a wall mirror from Glazonoid.


Room Mirror


Proper lighting is crucial when getting ready or applying makeup. That's why Glazonoid offers a wide selection of room mirrors with LED lights for optimal lighting. Our room mirrors are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials, making it easy to find the perfect match for your space. In addition, they offer great functionality and are convenient to use. Add a touch of class and texture to your room with a room mirror from Glazonoid.

Living Room Mirrors

Living room mirrors are the pieces that can break or make the image of your room. At Glazonoid, we offer a wide selection of living room mirrors. Our mirrors are made to fit any room design and style preference.

Installing a living room mirror on any wall can enhance the room's overall look, making it appear larger and more attractive. In addition, these mirrors can be used to define your walls and create a focal point within your living space.

At Glazonoid, you can trust us to provide high-quality mirrors that will complement the aesthetic of your living room. We pride ourselves in offering a vast selection of mirrors that will fit any budget and taste. So don't hesitate to use your creativity and shop for a living room mirror at Glazonoid today.