long standing mirror with white lights

Hollywood Mirror With Light Bulbs

From Rs. 10,200.00

Size: 24"*36"


lights: Warm White+ Natural White+ White

Warm White+ Natural White+ White
Warm White

sensor: Plug-n-play

Rs. 11,460.00

Categories: Standing Mirrors

Why settle for just any mirror when you can have the Hollywood Mirror with Light Bulbs? Whether you’re primping and preening in the morning or getting ready to go out, our Hollywood Mirror will provide lighting that lets you do your makeup right. Perfect for beauty bloggers, makeup gurus, and anyone who wants to look and feel their best. With three types of LED Light — White, Warm White+ Natural White+White, and warm white — you’ll be able to customize and adjust your makeup to look stunning every time.

Plus, our Hollywood Mirror comes with many different kinds of sensors like plug-n-play and Touch. Plus, with a 5 year warranty backing it all up, you can trust that our quality is top notch. And, because we want everyone to enjoy all of our amazing features, we offer different sizes so everyone can find something perfect for them.

The Hollywood Mirror with Light Bulbs is more than just a mirror; it’s an investment in your future looks! Get one today, and find out why people are raving about this incredible mirror.

Additional Information

24"*36", 24"*48", 30"*42", 30"*48", 36"*60"


Warm White+ Natural White+ White, Warm White, White


Plug-n-play, Touch