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Top 8 custom mirror ideas and Options for Personalizing Your Space.

Mirrors are staples in every home, serving both functional and decorative purposes of any home. While a primary mirror can serve its purpose but with a custom mirror, we can take it to the next level and add a unique touch to any interior. Here are some customization options to consider when you design your custom mirror.

1. Size and shape in custom mirror 

A custom mirror can be made in different shapes and sizes to fit your specific space and interior design. The options are endless, from a large floor mirror to a small round mirror. Some popular shapes for custom mirrors include: 

  • Rectangular: This is the most common mirror shape and can be used in any house space.
  • Square: Square mirrors are versatile and can be used in various ways. square mirrors can be hung alone or in a group and are perfect for bathrooms.
  • Round: Round mirrors are great for adding a touch of elegance to any room. it can be hung alone or in a group, according to your preference.
  • Oval: Oval mirrors are similar to round mirrors but have a more elongated shape. It can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.
  • Custom Shapes: Custom shapes such as hexagonal, stars, or any other form can create a unique and interesting focal point in any room. 

And if we talk about sizes, the custom mirror fits any interior. It's essential to measure the space in which the mirror will be hung to look perfect for the room. A custom mirror fit the exact dimensions of an area, whether it be a wall or specific furniture.

2. Frames in custom mirror 

A custom mirror frame gives it a more refined and polished look. You can custom mirror frames using materials such as metal and wood. The structure can be custom-made with additional decorative detail or feature for a creative and unique look. The possibilities for custom mirror frames are limitless and customized according to the style and look of your interior.

3. Beveled edges custom mirror

Beveled edges add an element of class to any mirror. This angle reflects sunlight differently, giving the mirror a more polished and refined appearance.

We can create mirrors custom-designed with beveled edges in any size or shape that will meet your requirements for space and design. You apply beveled edges outside a mirror or using a specific method to create a unique look. The bevel's width may vary, and it could be as tiny as 1/8 inch or as large as one inch.

You will find beveled edges as a highly sought-after design choice for mirrors in bedrooms, bathrooms, and entryways as they add a touch of elegance and class to any room. Furthermore, you can combine beveled edges with other customization options, such as frames or etching, to create one-of-a-kind mirrors.

4. Etched designs

Etched Designs can give an individual and unique structure to your custom mirror. This customization method uses an acid or sandblaster to create the design or pattern on the mirror's surface. The invention may be simple, like monograms, or an intricate design, like floral patterns or geometric forms.

Etched designs can create any shape or size of mirror, from tiny accent mirrors to massive floor mirrors. You can combine the technique with customization options, like beveled edges and frames, to create an original mirror.

The designs embossed with Etch make a common choice for mirrors in bathrooms or bedrooms and entryways since they give a unique design and can complement the space's décor. You can tailor them to any size or shape that meets your specific area and style requirements. We can etch designs with various methods ranging from simple hand sketches to more intricate computer-aided designs.

5. Lighting

Adding lights to a mirror can give any space a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This is achievable by including a backlit feature in the mirror or fitting the sconces on either side.

Backlighting: This feature is the installation of LED lights behind the custom mirror, which create an ethereal and subtle glowing. Place a string of lights around the entire mirror perimeter or in a certain pattern to accomplish this. Backlighting is a great way to create an atmosphere of relaxation in bathrooms or add warmth to bedrooms.


Sconces: Placing sconces on either side of the mirror can give it a sense of sophistication and class. You can achieve this by installing wall-mounted sconces on the opposite side of a mirror or by installing sconces integrated into the mirror. Unify the mirror and emphasize certain features in the space by using sconces.


Achieve various lighting designs for mirrors, from tiny accent mirrors to huge floor mirrors. It is a great way to create a certain atmosphere in space and add function by providing the proper lighting to groom or apply makeup.


6. Tinting

Tinting mirror customization refers to altering the color or tint of a mirror to suit a specific aesthetic or functional purpose. For various reasons like reducing glare, matching the color scheme of a room, or providing privacy, do this. The process typically involves applying a thin film of colored or reflective material to the mirror's surface, either by hand or with specialized equipment. The result is a mirror with a different appearance or performance than a standard, clear mirror.

7. Custom mirror with Defogger

Design and manufacture a custom mirror with built-in defogger device, which uses electricity to heat the surface of the mirror and clear away any fog or condensation that may have formed on it, to meet specific requirements or specifications. This feature is especially useful in bathrooms, where mirrors can easily become fogged due to the high humidity levels. Custom mirrors with defogger customization can be made in various shapes and sizes and installed in multiple settings.

8. Adding a shaving mirror with a normal big mirror specifically for men

Adding a shaving mirror to a normal, larger mirror is a customization option that can be useful for people who need to shave or groom their facial hair. Typically, people mount or attach the smaller shaving mirror to the larger mirror conveniently in the upper corner or side. This allows the person to see a close-up, magnified view of their face while they shave or groom, which can help them achieve a more precise and accurate result. You can customize the existing mirror or add customization during purchase.


You can design a custom mirror to fit any aesthetic or design preference with the many customization options available. Whether you're looking for a functional mirror or a statement piece, a custom mirror can add the perfect touch to any room in your home.

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