Just like the kitchen is incomplete without a stove, our bathrooms are incomplete without bathroom mirrors. Naturally, we begin and end our day in this place only- from getting ready to bathing or washing our face after the stressful day. Although, everyone is talking about the new trend of bathroom mirrors, i.e. LED Mirror that have overtaken the world of reflective sheets commendably; lets discuss the benefits of these mirrors in our bathrooms.

  • Because the area of the bathroom mirror is so crucial in daily life, excellent illumination is required. Glazonoid offers mirrors with frontal illumination, which directs light towards your face and provides uniform illumination without shadows, allowing you to see the details, as well as backlit mirrors.
  • Because of their energy-efficient light, illuminated mirrors are the ideal functional and attractive alternative for lighting your bathroom or toilet while reducing energy use.
  • They boast cutting-edge lighting systems with a 36,000-hour life span and an IP44 rating for protection against humid situations.
  • A bathroom mirror with lights is equipped with adjustable light tones and temperatures, all crammed in small, sleek compact that is not only more efficient than traditional options, but also more inexpensive.
  • Easily controlled by basic Plug-and-Play to complex body sensors, there’s something for everyone. Introduced over thirty lighting and accessory control combinations, the sensors are made of high-quality PCBs, ensuring rust-free threads and continuous operation and are encased in a thin frame behind the glass, away from wet climate of restrooms.
  • All Glazonoid mirrors have a robust back frame manufactured of non-conductive WPC with a very high density (Wood-Plastic Composite). The entire structure is sealed with all-weather proof sealants applied with a unique three-adhesive combination, each providing a specific level of protection. We employ load bearing beams to strengthen mirror, which preventing glass from shattering during high temperature changes, as inspired by building constructions.
  • Mirrors, being the centerpieces of a space can bring everything in a room together. And so, we cater every requirement, from hand- drawn sketches to any shapes and sizes as small as 6 inches to a whole wall.
  • Our bathroom mirror with lights stands out for its ease of installation, including the IP44 connection box, screws, plugs, brackets, and instructions.


Our Bathroom Mirror Cabinet is a special edition of bathroom mirrors that organizes and maintains your bathroom. This long-lasting bathroom mirror cabinet with varying storage capacities from 21L to 80L, can be installed anywhere without taking up much space.

Experience the difference only with Glazonoid!

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